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3D prints are crooked
Hello together,

I got the 101Hero as a gift and it is my first Printer. I have the Problem that nearly every print is crooked as you could see on the screenshots. Today I have tried to get a print ready with Cura, I used Filament Clip to print and see what came out of the Printer. Also the files I have downloaded from 101land are also out of alignment. I have allready oiled the mechanics but it didn't seem to help. As you can see at the end it is nearly good again.


PS. the Color was the idea of my daugther :-)

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Re: 3D prints are crooked
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It seems to be a problem with many of the heroes. However, it also seems to be a problem with delta printers in general, and not hero specific. Check the tension on the tower belts and make sure that the belts are moving correctly and not skiping.

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Re: 3D prints are crooked
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To me it looks like your nozzle is dragging somewhere in the circle which is causing you to loose a step.  As you may see as I do,   Once you rise up high enough that you are no longer printing the circle,  the print straightens out, even though its printing two perimeter walls still,  so the issue is definitely in the circle area.  Steps are lost when your print nozzle strikes something,  even a little blob of plastic left over from the previous layer.