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November 18, 2018 ...


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Aloha From Hawaii
Aloha nui loa!

Hi All. Just joining you from a little rock in the middle of the pacific.

This isn't my first printer, but it is my first delta printer. I started about 6yrs ago with a Solidoodle printer. I pre-ordered the 101Hero because I got tried of waiting for my Kickstarter backed Tiko3D printer, and I wanted to get back into 3D printing.

Anyways.... Looking forward to learning along with everyone else here.

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Re: Aloha From Hawaii
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Welcome along to the forum.

Hopefully you get your printer soon. :)

Just seen your other post, looks like you got yours already.

Re: Aloha From Hawaii
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Sorry, just realized that my verbiage made it sound like i had just ordered one...
I had actually ordered it in late September, and I received it last week.

Thanks for the warm welcome and thanks for setting up this forum.

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Re: Aloha From Hawaii
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which solidoodle did you have? I have a solidoodle 2 and so far after replacing the hotend its been great. If I didn't have to leave my computer hooked up all the time It would be my main work horse. Its a bummer they went under.

Re: Aloha From Hawaii
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The solidoodle 3. I enjoyed it, but had to change out almost every part.