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Comp. Engg. Tech Intro
Good Day All,

I'm a computer engineering technologist with 23 years in data acquisition and control systems programming (in more languages than I care to count). I have been doing 3D graphics since 1993 (back when you had to describe the scene in a text file - it pays to learn your math) and my avatar is the first scene I designed and rendered (it took 4 hours to render in 640 x 480 on my 486 computer). I use Blender 3D and OnShape to build items now and have access to a Taz 5 and two Ultimaker 2+ machines at work. The 101 is my first printer at home.

I got my printer about three weeks ago and it came with one motor with stripped gears. I have not gotten it to print anything yet. I have added my name to the list of people trying to get a group purchase together, but in the mean time, I'm working on hacking into the firmware settings to see if I can set it up for different steppers.

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Re: Comp. Engg. Tech Intro
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Welcome along to the forum.

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Re: Comp. Engg. Tech Intro
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When you get into the firmware let me know there are some settings I need to know so I can calibrate the printer appropriately. I think this printer has a lot of potential but the only way to find out is to calibrate it until my face turns blue....than calibrate it again. I'm not really a programmer (unless you count web) so I have learned to make printer firmware level calibrations using gcode and need to know some stock settings so I have a base line to work off and should a change completely mess things up I have something to go back too.