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March 27, 2017 ...


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xxExtruder heads up, nothing else happens

25 Mar, 2017, 20:04:14 PM by tmillerGB | Views: 15 | Comments: 2

We received the 101 Hero and assembled it. The extruder heats up but the motors and extruder head don't move. The only evidence of life is the power LED, the soft sound of a fan and the slight smell of hot plastic. No clicking sounds, no movement at all. So far a couple tiny beads from the extruder head are our only prints.

We have the developer version but are using the SD card. We triple- and quintuple-checked our wiring and connections. We've tried with a 2 GB and a 512 MB SD card. We've cleared the cards, we've formatted the cards, we've left only the 101HERO file as the only thing on the card.

Our first attempt was a Moon Buggy Police car. Then in the forums here we realized there's a test file, so we attempted that. Still nothing. We're going to try to the motor test file next.

Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions you can offer.

sadSkipping motor

25 Mar, 2017, 17:15:32 PM by renardroux | Views: 21 | Comments: 1

Hello, all. I've joined this forum in an effort to try and get my machine working. Just got it yesterday after ordering through their original Kickstarter back in June of 2016. I got it to be sent out after e-mailing a specific person at that I saw posted either in the Kickstarter comments or on Facebook. I had tried to contact them numerous other ways prior to that without success. Enough complaining about the wait. Now on to complaining about the machine.

I'm a novice to 3d printing and figured a printer like this was intended for someone like me. In fact, the box says an 8-year-old should be able to use it. I had plenty of time to read through all of the cautions about not moving things while the power is on and routing wires properly prior to assembling this thing during my long wait. So, I carefully put it together with those kinds of things in mind. Tried using the test file to adjust the screws, but couldn't ever get the nozzle to remain level to the glass plate. It would always drift up toward one of the pylons. Observing the head and the motor, it appears that I received a motor that skips. It seems this is a common problem. Here's a video of the motor test file from the official website trying to run:

I have contacted the company again, but do not have high hope that much will come from that. What I would like to know is if this actually appears to be a "skipping motor" like it seems many others have received or if I need to do something differently. Also, I've been reading around here and it appears that sourcing a replacement on my own isn't a simple task. What are my options? Thanks!


24 Mar, 2017, 00:28:38 AM by Noodles
Views: 38 | Comments: 2

So M3D seems to be trying to capitalize on the failings of Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns for 3D printers. They will be selling their M3D Micro for $100 less than their normal price. If you want to read more, check out the link.

I am curious as to how many people will actually take them up on their offer. I know a lot of us in the forum are tinkerers and want to work on this thing until it works, but I know a lot of people also wanted to get their feet wet in 3D printing. I know I was one of those that wanted to get my feet wet, but I also like tinkering. I am debating it especially since M3D has stepped up their game on the customer service front (customer service? what is that?!). Although I wish the discount would go toward their M3D Pro (although that is not widely available yet, they are still working on pushing that out).

questionExtruder Issue HELP!

24 Mar, 2017, 00:02:49 AM by Noodles
Views: 58 | Comments: 10

So I will admit that I have had my 101hero (Zero? :P ) since January. I had no problem assembling it and testing it. I think I have it calibrated correctly as I have been able to get it spit out a decent layer, but I state that with skepticism because I have had to force the filament through the hotend to lay down that first layer over and over again.

Now I know I should not do this repeatedly and this is why I have put it in a corner to gather dust, but I want to figure this out. I have tried the cardboard hack. I have tried ensuring the door is fully screwed in, I have glued the knurled knob in place and have seen the knurled knob rotate. I am able to extrude filament as long as the hot end is not moving, but as soon as I tell it to start a print, it starts extremely under-extruding and there is practically nothing on the print bed. It isn't an adhesion issue as I have been able to get it to stick when I force the filament. I use Cura 15.4 and have the filament multiplier at 1.25, so I feel I should at least see something come out.

This is my first 3d printer and I feel I have a decent understanding of what I need to be doing, but any help is welcome.

clipJust out of the box and not working...

23 Mar, 2017, 21:32:42 PM by Holder00 | Views: 40 | Comments: 1

Hello 101 users!
After a really long wait I received my printer yesterday. Today I assembled it and out of the box I could tell that the fan is missing one wire, only the red is connected, the other one came loose as you can see in picture #1

After plugging everything and getting the printer ready, I turned it on and started hearing like a clicking noise coming from the motors.
I downloaded the test files, added them to the SD card, plug it into the sd slot on the printer turned it back on, same clicking noise coming from the motors, clicked the button to start printing and nothing happens...

What do you think is the problem?

*I have the developer version and I can't get it to connect to my mac.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

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