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June 27, 2017 ...


  • .stl, .gcode and .123dx files can now be uploaded as attatchments

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101Hero / Anyone got a spare 101Hero controller to sell?
Last post by Eddiie -

I fried the Atmel chip on the 101Hero controller last night by plugging in an LCD display incorrectly -  I misaligned the row of pins. heh
The result was a wonky display, a super hot regulator and a crater in the top of the Atmel chip which also gets pretty hot now.

I'll move to something else but would like to keep the original parts working as well.

Made my printer more rigid!  See my blog post.
Mods and upgrades / Re: upscaling 101hero
Last post by Admin -
The firmware appears to be locked down on the 101hero.  There has been some discussion about using different boards but that was in relation to upgrading the printer as a whole
Trouble shooting / Re: First 3d print w/ 101hero, need improvement
Last post by Arbagon -
Worked thanks again!
Trouble shooting / Re: Replacement Glass Platform
Last post by workshoptinkerers -
I know its been a while on this one. took me 2 months but finally got to the local craft store. the 6 inch round mirrors are indeed glass based, and about 1.5mm thinner than the glass that comes with the printer. They work great if you either adjust the stock screws, or add slightly longer ones.

Even better, they were only $1.99 USD before the coupons.
you have to heat up the extruder... pretend you are printing something, then turn it off. you can now take it out. whatever is left inside the nozzle will come out when you start reprinting. you should always have the nozzle hot when changing filament, if you feel a bit of resistance when pulling back
Mods and upgrades / upscaling 101hero
Last post by bjacob -
Over the past few days, I've been trying to figure out how to upscale the 101hero, but the 101hero's board wont let me go beyond 100mm on the z-axis. Has anyone been able to work around that?
Trouble shooting / Re: First 3d print w/ 101hero, need improvement
Last post by Arbagon -
Ok another question for you, I used up all my first filament and was going to put in a new roll of filament, but there is alittle bit of the old in the extruder, in the second tube under the wheel. How do i get that out? Thanks
Forum News / Forum update.
Last post by Admin -
A few things to note.......

I have updated the forum to the latest release of this version of the software 1.0.10, however there is a new version of the software coming online at the minute (1.1.0)and once I have tested it and made sure that the forum keeps the functionality it currently has, I will be updating to that.

Also, you may have noticed a warning from your browser telling you that the site is insecure when you log in. This is due to the site using http as opposed to https and not having an ssl certificate. Do not be concerned about it. However, it is always recommended that you use a unique password for each login and I would reiterate that here.