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February 18, 2018 ...


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101Hero / Please help me find all that's wrong with my first print!
Last post by BobC -

After doing a few 1-3 layer prints to calibrate the printer (and use up some of the questionable white filament that came with it), I just completed my first "real" print on my 101Hero: a tiny phone stand.  The print is completely functional, but is far from perfect.


My 101Hero arrived with a bad motor, which I replaced with one from the Stefano group buy (best move ever).  I probably should replace them all, but I want to see how long the other two original motors will last. I had to swap the pink and orange wires in the connector to get it to rotate in the right direction.

I used the horrible yellow tape that came with the printer to cover the build plate because the blue tape I had was dried out and I didn't want to wait to get more.

I added rubber bands to the arms to reduce the looseness/shakiness of the print carriage.  The arms are so flexible that putting the rubber bands in the middle caused bending (which would throw off the geometry), so I put them up near the top of each arm pair.  The rubber band tension was as low as I could get it and still have them stay in place.

I used this PLA filament from Amazon because I could get it delivered the same day for free (via Amazon Prime).  It came well packaged, including a zip-lock storage bag.

I set up Cura using the standard 101Hero config file. The only change I made prior to printing was to make the first layer 50% thicker (rather than do a brim or raft).

I saved the GCode, primed the extruder until the new color came out, then started the print.  I waited four long hours, hovering over the machine like a husband during a delivery.


The resulting print was strong (good layer adhesion), but does have issues.  Photos are attached.  Here's what I see, and what I think it means.

  • Skirt was almost completely missing, and the little bit that was there was thread-thin.  This happened despite priming the extruder moments before starting the print.  Extrusion rate too low?  Blocked extruder nozzle?
  • Print is fuzzy. I removed most of the fuzz prior to taking the photos, but some is still visible in the interior.  Too little retraction?  Temperature too high?
  • Bottom has a combination of adhesion failure and Elephant's Foot.  Easy: I screwed up the calibration.  And I really should get some blue tape.  Any other factors?
  • Fill isn't tightly joined to outer wall.  Under-extrusion?  Need to increase fill overlap?
  • One layer about 1/4" from the start is totally squished.  Easy: I bumped the printer, hard.
  • About halfway up the whole print steps over a bit.  I didn't have a spool stand and the filament was getting pulled tighter and tighter.  This is when I moved the spool onto a stick.  Any other possible factors?
  • There are small "waves" crossing multiple layers in the later half of the print.  My guess is I still have filament tension problems that will be fixed by getting a real spool holder.  Are there other causes?

Those are all the defects I see (as a 3D printing newbie).  Are there more?  Are the photos good enough to tell?

Here's what's presently on my 101Hero todo list:
- Get blue tape!
- Clean the extruder nozzle (just to be sure).
- Get a spool holder with ball bearings.
- Re-do the calibration using the new filament and spool holder.

Any other changes I should make to my printer?


PS: I posted this here to keep it focused on the 101Hero community.  Should I have posted this on my blog instead, and just linked it here?
Trouble shooting / Printing in air when using Cura
Last post by bennythejet -
Hi all,

*All good I downloaded Cura 15.02.1 and used the ini file from the 101hero site and it's fixed the problem*

I've done a bunch or reading and I've got to a point where I'm stuck

101Hero first batch
Replaced motors as organised by Stefano
I've calibrated the bed using the calibrating files I found on here
I've printed successfully using the gingerbread man from 101land
Setup the 101hero in Cura (15.04.6) using the settings found here
Width / Depth 150 Height 100 nozzle 0.4 filament 1.75

My issue is that when I try to print a file sliced with Cura the printer tries to print it about 150mm above the glass bed
Can anyone please tell me which settings I need to change in Cura to fix this?

Trouble shooting / Re: Calibrating towers to the build plate
Last post by controller -
My printer on command is down to z 0,0, reaching a level of about 50 mm from the table. And moves to next command. I can not make it down till glass
Trouble shooting / Re: Skipping motor
Last post by Admin -
That's interesting, so they are sending out replacement parts........that's something at least.

Their communication has been horrible but they appear to be making an effort to ship what they committed to.
Looks good. Holidays are coming up though so I don't have the cash on hand to back it at the minute though
thank you very much i took apart the hotend and cleared it out by running filment manuely through the hotend(whilst connecteed
with repetier) and it cleared out i also had to up the temp to 220 and it now prints like a charm
In case anyone still wants a (or another) VERY inexpensive 3D printer, check out the BuildOne KS campaign, run by a Creator with 8 prior successful campaigns.

I've already backed it at the highest level (4th I've backed from this creator).

I'm still going to work on getting my 101 Hero to perform better:  Gotta have a project until the BuildOne ships!
i would say either blocked nozzle, or cold. would recommend trying to do either a cold pull or an atomic pull. both same, you feed in as much filament as you can, then pull it out while either cold, or at about 50c. do that a couple of times, or untill you get an intact mould of the inside of the nozzle showing its been completly cleared.
101Hero / Re: Downloads - Broken Links
Last post by pudgeco -
I've attached the "101hero" file for motor tests.
Trouble shooting / Re: help getting my 101 hero going?
Last post by ZakNewman -
i had the same problem my =n turned all down to the power supply right now im running 12v 6a