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Topic: Using 1/64 motors in the 101hero  (Read 2668 times) previous topic - next topic

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Using 1/64 motors in the 101hero
How to replace your steppers
When my 101 Hero arrived I had two faulty motors. both with broken Gears!
I had quite similar steppers laying around, they were 2$ each.
(Initially they were the main reason for me to buy the 101 Hero)

Nevermind, They had a different gear ratio, it was not 1:~32 like the original ones but they were 1:~64.
But I managed to get my printer using them =) !!

And this is what you have to do:
If they are moving in the wrong direction replace pink and yellow cable (I had to do this)

(Sometime I will write HOW I got to this point, but for now, this will be enough)
Marlin Reprap has a Command M92 to tell the Controller the amount of steps for 1mm Movement. If you can set the correct values, you can use different Steppers! (GREAT!)
Then I tried a lot of things with the formula to calculate the axis per steps and came to these parameters:
543.4364 steps per mm for ORIGINAL 1:32 motors
1086.8727 steps per mm for REPLACED ONES

Soooo what you have to do is, add this to your starscript (I did right before G28 Z0 command)
BUT check which motors you replaced, so 543... if you haven't replaced it, 1086... for your new ones with other gear ratio.
This is my command:
M92 X543.4364 Y1086.8727 Z1086.8727

You can check in reprap manual mode, M92 command, G28 Z0 and then G1 Z10 ... all 3 steppers should move with the same speed.

btw: I didn't care for the shorter shaft ... it works for at least 20 hours printing ...
Courtesy of Gregor Hollmig on the Facebook users group.

Reproduced here with his permission.
(Thank you Gregor)
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Re: Using 1/64 motors in the 101hero
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Hi Admin,

Could you please provide the exact specifications or part number of the motor [1:64] that I'd have to order for?

I'm sorry I'm not on Facebook and this is my only source of information regarding this new discovery.

Hope my 3d printer finally works after this

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Using 1/64 motors in the 101hero
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The motors are 28byj48 12v motors with a 1/64 gearbox.

They are available from numerous sources in different specs. The main thing to look out for is the voltage  (12v) and the gearbox (1/64) as they come in a number of configurations.

On the plus side they are quite cheap so you could experiment with several versions

Re: Using 1/64 motors in the 101hero
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If I am correct, in changing our stepper motors to ones such as 1:64 or 1:128 shouldn't that allow us to have an increased vertical resolution? So adding in the ability to print down to 0.1,  0.05 so on so forth. Would this be correct to assume?  I think in doing this we should also, in also changing other components within the build, we should be able to have an increased print speed, and other aspects of a more consumer delta 3D printer rather than what could be classed as a toy grade 3D printer :')

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Re: Using 1/64 motors in the 101hero
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@MutatedVirus .I'm not sure about that. I think you would have to reduce the amount of plastic flowing as well, otherwise you might have to much plastic extruding for the speed it's running at

Re: Using 1/64 motors in the 101hero
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Possibly, it would be something else to add into the gcode start script maybe something to try?

Re: Using 1/64 motors in the 101hero
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I doubt you'll see any better then 0.1mm on our (IMHO) under-spec'd controller boards.

In theory, yes it could improve resolution if everything is "tuned & calibrated" properly, but good luck with that on this cheap board!

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Re: Using 1/64 motors in the 101hero
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great! using this gives me a starting point on fixing the under extrusion issues. :)

Re: Using 1/64 motors in the 101hero
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I agree, reaching even 0.15 would be impressive with this board,  but with enough time and effort it may be possible

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Re: Using 1/64 motors in the 101hero
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I don't think you can blame the board for the lack of accuracy to be honest. It's essentially the same as a lot of printers out there.

The lack of accuracy is more to do with the amount of flex the printer structure has, meaning lots of tiny movements and backlash.
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Re: Using 1/64 motors in the 101hero
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Do we need to look for a specific shaft length or diameter? 
or are the ones on ebay found via a search for "12V 28BYJ-48 1/64" just fine as they are?

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Re: Using 1/64 motors in the 101hero
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The normal motor shafts are a bit small. You will need to use something on the other side to go through the bearing to keep it in place. There is a diagram in one of the other motor threads

Re: Using 1/64 motors in the 101hero
Reply #12,8.msg206.html#msg206

The small additional bar was cut from a failed 101hero motor and slotted into the gear housing giving final total length needed

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Re: Using 1/64 motors in the 101hero
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Nice to see other people trying this too.
I have no shaft extension in use. You can easily screw the pulley on  the shorter shaft but there won't be any strain relief on the steppers, so I think about trying something like that too.
I have updated my M92 Code. I had a bad value for the old steppers.
I'm not using 543.4364 anymore and use this value instead: 546.1333. Value for 1/64 steppers remains.
I have set up the formular for the 1:64 steppers with the knowledge that they are actually 1:63.XXXX and assumed 1:32 would be the half of that, but that seems wrong. So I now use 1:32 in the formular for them.
This is my command now:
  M92 X546.1333 Y1086.8727 Z1086.8727

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Re: Using 1/64 motors in the 101hero
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How did you calculate those values ? I've replaced two motors with 1:64 ones but even with the screws at their minimum position there is not enough space between the glass plate and the hotend. Before replacing the motors I had a bit or margin with the screws.