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OctoPrint setup
If you have a RasberryPi or another mini computer lying around, you can use it to manage the 101Hero - and it's easy and super-comfortable too.

If you have a RasPi, just install OctoPi, it has everything preconfigured.

I had a C.H.I.P. lying around, so I used that (plus, it's super tiny and super cheap, but has WiFi onboard and a powerful enough CPU for this usecase)

I followed the setup guide without any problems - I even can use CuraEngine to just upload a STL file, slice it and print it.

If I had a webcam, I could also generate timelapses automatically while printing.

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Re: OctoPrint setup
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I have an old raspberry pi b board lying about so that will probably end up being used for this. ;)

I have a touch screen for it as well which I may eventually get around to installing :P

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Re: OctoPrint setup
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Just got my PI3 in the mail today and setup the 101hero on it. I had some old PI2's but wanted to have the built in Wi-Fi, plus the PI3 is on sale over at Amazon right now :)

This is way better than than just running off the SD card and guessing what the printer is doing or how far along the print is! Running my second print from the PI right now :)

Has anyone loaded the 101hero drivers into a linux kernel? Not sure if it would make any changes to the way it prints from the PI.

Looking to get a compatible camera now. The old Kodak camera I had does not play well with linux.

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Re: OctoPrint setup
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I had some problems running a C.H.I.P. with octoprint and the 101hero... so I switched to the rpi.  The C.H.I.P. just shuts down when I did something with the printer.  Most probably I had issues with the 5V in C.H.I.P., because the 101hero can draw some significant current on it (and I don't know how much).

Re: OctoPrint setup
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Ah yes, I had a buffer battery attached to the C.H.I.P., totally forgot to mention that, this prevents the brown-out when having sudden high loads on the USB