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November 15, 2018 ...


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Print head door replacement
Hey everyone. didn't see my mod posted anywhere so figured I'd post it myself. I got really tired of taking the screws out to be able to swap filament in and out so I made a quick and dirty two part door replacement.

If anyone can make one that is a little easier to use that would be awsome. These parts are ment to be trimmed to exact fit to compensate for the possible errors from printing with the 101hero.

Thanks and let me know any suggestions for upgrades and changes you want me to try my hand at.

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Re: Print head door replacement
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I tried printing it out with the 101hero and it was not really usable.  Some bits broke off when removing the supports, etc.  Can you share the print settings you used?  I probably used the default .2mm layer, and PLA, as I can't get the printer to heat high enough to successfully print ABS. Thanks

Re: Print head door replacement
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It should be possible to print without supports, you need to rotate it in your slicer/cura so that the largest flat face is oriented to the build plate