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Topic: RPI + PiFace + OctoPI ==> Fan+Power+Light Control (Read 850 times) previous topic - next topic

  • ralgor
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RPI + PiFace + OctoPI ==> Fan+Power+Light Control
Hi everyone,

at the moment it's more fun to mod the 101hero then to print with it.  So here is another one of my small projects on the 101hero.

I had an old Raspberry PI rev.1b, a piface digial and a pi noir lying around.  So it was obvious to get octopi running.  There is nothing spectacular about it but...
  • the fan, the light (self sticking 12V LED stripe in the top-plate of the 101hero) and power supply is controlled by octopi via the piface.
  • I've used a spare 12V/5A PSU to power all the components except for the rpi which gets a buck-converter later
  • each relay in the piface switches the power to the 101hero and the fan... separately
  • the light is connected to an open collector output of the piface
  • I have made a small octoprint plugin to react on M80/M81 for the 101hero power, M355 for the light and M106/M107 for the fan... which is working pretty well.
  • ... of course you can control everything from the octoprint gui

Still open is...
  • connect the fan to the GPIO18 for PWM... first I have to get a mosfet or a pwm-fan somewhere... and the time to do it (:
  • use a buck-converter to connect the rpi to the 12V/5A PSU
  • connect a capacitor to the light... because it flickers a lot while moving
  • narf... I've just seen on the photos that I have to fix the soldering of one of the led stripes ):

Some trivia...
  • the logic board of the 101hero is running when connected to usb... w/o 12V supply... even a little bit heating is possible *eg*... second is a real design flaw!

So if some one is interested in the code of the small plugin ... just let me know.  :)


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