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November 15, 2018 ...


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my current upgrades
Hey everyone, I wanted to list out my current mods I've made to my printer and order done

structural stability add ons (have been replaced at least once total)

Hotend carrier, j-head hotend, nema 17 stepper bowden extruder

nema 14 steppers for towers

Ramps 1.4 controller board (originally with arduino mega 2650)

Tension blocks for towers (remove spring tensioner)

Re-arm for ramps smoothieboard drop in replacement

attached is a picture of my most recent print, just need to up the retractions a little bit more to remove the blobs.

Think all thats left for me to upgrade is mount my lcd screen and controller board, and find a hold down for the printbed that i like using better than the binder clips.

Re: my current upgrades
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For the motors do they need to be 1/32 gearing or will it still work if I switch to 1/64?

Re: my current upgrades
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if you are just swapping the stock motors you can change to 1/64, but it will be even slower than purely stock.