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Hi! From Spain
My name is Paco and I'm 29 years old, I live in Seville, a big city from south of Spain.
Always interested in craftsmanship, I like to work with wood, metal, leather... Getting introduced to Arduino recently. Also interested in nature and traveling

Recently I've recieved the 101Hero DV and for what I'm reading I think I'm one more that has a non correctly functioning machine.

I love the idea of team working to solve problems and this could be a great place for that. Thank you in advance

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Re: Hi! From Spain
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Welcome along to the forum.

Post up the problem you are having and hopefully someone might be able to point you to a solution

Re: Hi! From Spain
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Hola, también soy de España, recibí mi impresora ayer y tengo problemas para calibrarla, pero he conseguido hacer algunas cosas. Cuéntanos tu problema e intentaremos ayudarte.
Hi, I'm also from Spain and I'm new in the forum. Received my printer yesterday and I already have it working, although I am having some problems with the calibration. Tell us your problem and we'll try yo help you.