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Hi from the UK
Hi everyone

Just won a 2nd hand 101hero off eBay. Bought it for a laugh for £70.

Only bought it so I could make some temp parts for my tevo tarantula printer, so I can repair it.

I will be getting some parts made for the 101 to make it a bit better and then may just donate it to a good cause.

Anyway just wanted to know what are the length of the rods holding the extruder? Cuz I have seen some forsale on ebay and was wanted to see if I could use them as they are carbon and only £12.00

So what are the length of the rods?
Diameter of the rods?

Just in case here is the sale 191885336119 shame they come for china so will have to wait a month
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Re: Hi from the UK
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Welcome along to the forum. There are quite a few mods detailed on the forum here.

I'm not at home at the moment but I'll try to get measurements for you and post them here.
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