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  • scscjcnc
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CURA 2.5
Hi !

I have downloaded the latest version of CURA for Mac : 2.5.0
Hero 101 seems to have a native support. No configuration needed anylonger.
Did anyone try it ?
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  • BobC
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Re: CURA 2.5
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I tried the Win10 version of 2.6.0-beta.  I really like all the extra controls that are exposed (especially acceleration: my printer was shakin' and quakin').

But I hate that it doesn't work with Pronterface.  I can still run Pronterface separately, but the integration is sorely missed.

The prints I did were noticeably better, but also took 2x longer to print (lots more head motion to make things nicer).  Not a good match for a terribly slow 101Hero, where even a tiny print can take an hour.

So I went back to 15.04.6.

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Re: CURA 2.5
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I'd love to give it a go but my new install of Linux mint doesn't want to play nice with the app image from the Ultimake site.
I might try a repo install later on though. Sound like it might be worth a try
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