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Toy printers
The 101hero is, for want of a better word, essentially the first toy 3d printer.  ;)
It's cheap, easy to assemble and, when it works, produces reasonable quality. It reminds me of the first 3d pens we saw coming out of china a few years ago, if anything it is probably better made and is definitely safer from a purely electrical point of view.  8)

Keeping that in mind, do you think we will see more 'toy printers' hitting the markets? How long do you think it will be before we see a main stream item hitting the shelves? 

And, most importantly, is it a good idea? :o

Re: Toy printers
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I think there will be more small volume, plug-and-play toy printers in the near future - as soon as the chinese manufacturers manage to produce them cheap enough.

They will have multiple probes so that you don't have to calibrate them any more (think original prusa z-probe) and you will just throw a stl file at them and press print.

It's really not that far away from the technology...

Re: Toy printers
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Would the "ToyRep" be the first? 😜

But I think you're right, with the hero & the tiko, out in the wild and "working" (I use that term loosely); I think that we will start seeing more of these low cost, small print envelope printers flooding the market soon.

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Re: Toy printers
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I think there is a lot of potential for toy printers, especially one like the hero with its minimal kit style. The problem is going to be building a printer at anight appealing price point that works reliably out of the box.