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CAD programmes
What are your preference for creating your files?

Do you use OnShape or fusion360 or something else?

I haven't used CAD software for years and the last programme I used was autocad.
I've been messing around with OnShape and fusion360 but haven't really gone to deeply into them as of yet.

Re: CAD programmes
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Re: CAD programmes
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I am currently learning OnShape ... I like the fact that it is all online and the Tutorials are really helpful.
I am not good at this stuff but my gear, besides the Villian includes:
Monoprice Maker Select, Select Mini, and an Anet A8 w/P3Steel frame
Also considering: CTC 3D

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Re: CAD programmes
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I like the huge variety of materials for OnShape and that they provide closed captioning and, in some cases, transcripts of the tutorials.

When I need to do something complex and/or quickly, I use Blender 3D. I've been using it for years for modelling, so I know the program.

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Re: CAD programmes
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I am using freecad... it's sometimes quite annoying but it does its job to get decent and printable stls... and its free.



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Re: CAD programmes
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I use Blender. It is also free, and I'm comfortable with the interface.
Anything I want to do and cannot remember, or have not done before - there is a webpage or video instruction for. :)

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Re: CAD programmes
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I've decided to go with fusion360. I like the control interface and it's powerful enough for my needs.

Re: CAD programmes
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OpenScad if you're a programmer and want to generate parameterized models

Fusion306 otherwise

OnShape is nice, but being always-on is a bit of a drawback. Would be nice to be able to design something "in the field" without having to need a fat internet line.