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Leaning Tower of Pisa problem

I recently received my 101hero printer and after years of dreaming about it i successfully made my first printed object, a simple hexagon created in sketch up, rather flat one.
I am absolutely new to the world of 3D printing and this was an amazing step for me.
The excitement has passed as i ran into more and more problems and many of them i have no idea how to correct.

Most of the objects i tried to print are coming out askew. Big time. Sometimes it starts happening right from the start/bed and sometimes after a certain height and that height is not constant.

1. Does anyone know why this is happening?
2. Is there any difference if the .stl file was made in different modeling program

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Re: Leaning Tower of Pisa problem
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Are all the arms moving freely up and down the rails.  It looks like you may have one which is getting caught and dragging.

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Re: Leaning Tower of Pisa problem
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Yes. I triple checked the movement of the arms and there is nothing visible obstructing the motion. Ran the motor test file provided on 101 hero site. I also added a coat of light machine oil to all the moving joints and rails.
I just finished my most successful print so far. A simple nut and it came out very good with some skew but not as much as before.
Making a bigger models worked out much better then small ones.
Also i reduced the print speed to 10mm/s and set the filament extrusion to 115%.

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Re: Leaning Tower of Pisa problem
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yeah. the under extrusion issue is a common theme with all the printers. the speed being at 10 is also very helpful. one thought tho. change you "travel speed" to 10 as well and let us know if that helps. Travel speed can be found in the advanced menu. the issues you are seeing may be cause from the movements its making when its not extruding. it move faster and this generally causes problems. hope that helps.

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Re: Leaning Tower of Pisa problem
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I changed the travel speed to 10 and the last print turned out pretty good. Also I thing the more volume the model has, the better.