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Topic: Cheap 101Hero 3D Printer upgrade. It's printing? (Read 1594 times) previous topic - next topic

  • Jamespd
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Cheap 101Hero 3D Printer upgrade. It's printing?
Using this to red-strap a decent printer. Why is it doing that? I am looking at getting parts printed on this to repstrap a decent 20-30cm cubed 3d Printer. Still have issues. Have a look and suggestions would be great. Still just starting out and learning

  • BobC
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Re: Cheap 101Hero 3D Printer upgrade. It's printing?
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Sorry, so long as you use the 101Hero plastic parts, you'll never have a robust printer.  They're just way too flexible and sloppy, so other upgrades won't permit anything close to the expected improvement.  If your heart is set on a small delta, start with a mini-Kossel frame and build from there.

I think all the ideas in the 101Hero are great, but their execution is poor.  A stiffer frame (I added acrylic sheets between the columns), higher quality motors (I got mine from the group buy), and rubber bands on each end of the arms will fix most of the problems for a total cost under $10.  Any further upgrades will have diminishing returns.

However, rather then do major upgrades to the 101Hero, I'd recommend getting an inexpensive Cartesian printer, such as the BuildOne by Robotic Industries (which should ship soon after Chinese New Year).  It will print 7x-10x faster than the 101Hero, and the base printer is just $99 (before tax and shipping).  The base model even includes automatic bed leveling.  And it can take a world of accessories and factory upgrades.

Still, once the 101Hero is no longer my only printer, I will probably consider doing some serious hacking on it.  I'll start with adding a 2020 extrusion exoskeleton and metal/carbon arms.  Then maybe a new carriage and hot-end, with conversion to a Bowden feed.  We'll see....