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Wrong Callibration?
in the first minutes after starting a print job, my 101Hero prints okay. But after a few layers of filament (about 0,5 mm) the printer prints suddenly very weird (see foto). I would print the robot-example from Cura. I tried  to printing directly from SD-card and to print with direct connection from Cura. In both cases I've got the same result.
Is it a problem with calibration? What do i wrong?
thank you and best regards

Re: Wrong Callibration?
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I had the same Problems, but not so wired. I started to use some White grease to lubricate the Holders.

Then it was much better.


  • Bucky208
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Re: Wrong Callibration?
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Are all the arms moving equally when you move them manually up and down with cura?
I also oiled my hero a lot.

  • hawx
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Re: Wrong Callibration?
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well I am facing the issue too. Attaching a pic for reference. The leftmost object is the initial print, the middle object is when I calibrated the arms a bit and the third and rightmost object was supposed to be a boat! The same thing happened when I tried printing batman's batarang the first half printed nice and the other went haywire.

Re: Wrong Callibration?
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my Printer is doing the same. starting in the 4th layer. i have no idea. it does not matter using sd or Pc for printing.
can anyone help?

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Re: Wrong Callibration?
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Besides the original poster, these all look like the part broke free from the plate and started moving around with the print head instead of being stationary.  The original poster's part looks like it is an issue with loosing steps.