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i had exactly the same problem its a few things you can do, open in repetier, use makers muse video on youtube to see how check the temperature under the manual control settings and mess around with those but take note at what it was originally on, don't forget to set up the settings, there is a post on here with the gcode to calibrate the towers, a lot easier than manual and also check your temp, im running at 210 at the moment and i am on a different power supply, hope this help if you need anything don't worry on asking, ps im only 13 so im not exactly an expert just personal experience, but i know have amazing prints coming from my printer
Trouble shooting / Re: Calibrating towers to the build plate
Last post by controller -
What arms length needed for correct this problem?
Trouble shooting / Re: Calibrating towers to the build plate
Last post by BobC -
It seems there may be problems with some of the configuration constants set in the 101Hero's Marlin firmware.

They apparently entered the arm length from their CAD drawings, and didn't measure it on an actual printer, so the values entered aren't quite right.  If the arms are physically shorter than the firmware is configured for, you can have perfect height at the edges yet be too high in the middle.  Inverse of that when the nozzle has good clearance at the center, but not at the edges.

I believe the most likely cause is that the arms shrunk a bit after coming out of the mold.  It is very common for plastics to shrink by different amounts based not only on the kind of plastic used, but also on the batch of plastic, the mold release used, the mold temperature profile, and even the weather that day.

Arm length error may be visible by very closely watching the print carriage to see if it tilts when away from the center.  If so, the arm lengths likely are wrong.  (Or your pylons are really crooked...)  A good test would be to write some G-Code to move in a 75mm radius circle about 10mm above the build plate.

Arm length error is a common problem that is straightforward to fix on all other Delta printers.  Unfortunately, the 101Hero folks are in violation of the GPL by not releasing everything needed to rebuild the firmware, so we can't fix this error on our own.

One alternative is to replace the arms with ones that are adjustable, then set them to match whatever the firmware expects.

I'm told there are slicers that can account for Delta arm length errors, but I haven't found one yet.
Trouble shooting / Re: Calibrating towers to the build plate
Last post by controller -
I use the code:
Tower A   g28 g0 f800 x-43.30 y-25 z0
Tower B   g28 g0 f800 x43.30 y-25 z0
Tower C   g28 g0 f800 x0 y50 z0
Center   g28 g0 f800 x0 y0 z0
 to calibrate printer, but when I start the center - the head of the printer does not reach the table a few millimeters
101Hero / Re: Anyone got a spare 101Hero controller to sell?
Last post by Admin -
I think you will find one on eBay at the minute.
101Hero / Re: Anyone got a spare 101Hero controller to sell?
Last post by Eddiie -
No one??
101Hero / Re: SO, you've got stripped motors
Last post by Admin -
@strepfen the ratio looks good. The drive shaft will be too short however so that will need some sort of modification. Also the wiring may be wrong so you will have to check that as well.
@ctdf most users have found that the maximum practical size for the hero is 100x100x100. It seems to be a restriction baked into the firmware.
101Hero / Re: wont load.correctly
Last post by Admin -
I'm getting the same message. It would appear to be a problem with the website itself rather then your browser.
Unfortunately that's as much as I can offer, 101user is not affiliated with 101hero in any way.
101Hero / wont load.correctly
Last post by ShadowX199 -
When I go to all I get is a blank page with the words "pageok" at the top left corner.
Is there any way to fix this?