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Help with files
I'm trying to use the test files from 101hero's site, but I have a problem. I have no idea how to turn the 7z to .gcode. I'm on windows 10, if that helps.

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Re: Help with files
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You need to unzip the file using 7zip or similar

once you do that you should find a normal folder of the same name as the 7z file.
Inside that you will find a file called 101hero.

Copy that directly to a fat32 formatted, blank sd card of less then 32gb.

That should be it.

Re: Help with files
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Yes, Admin is correct. 7z is a compressed file, so you will need to use a program like 7zip (its free) to extract the file.

If the file is name "101Hero .gcode" instead of "101Hero" then you can read this,83.msg478.html#msg478