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Portal and chatbox
You'll have noticed that the front page has changed. I am working on the layout at the minute and it will get a lot less busy and cleaner.

The shoutbox is only a trial at the minute and may not stay where it is, if it stays at all.

There is a new theme called BeCool, Borderlands has been removed as it was not being used and didn't work very well on smaller screens.

If you have any comments,  suggestions etc please let me know.

Lastly, I have increased the attachment size and inbox size on the forum and have enabled the signature settings for members. Feel free to add your website etc as long as they do not breach the rules of the forum.

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Re: Portal and chatbox
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Just to let people know, the chat box has been removed. It wasn't being used, and it was starting to annoy me. It was taking up a lot of screen space for something that wasn't in use.