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Topic: Using 1/64 motors in the 101hero  (Read 2722 times) previous topic - next topic

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Re: Using 1/64 motors in the 101hero
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I know its a long time since the last post - but I would like to share some experience and also ask for support.

My hero101 arrived with 2 broken motors (or I killed them during the assembly). I replaces all 3 legs with standard 28BYJ-48 12V 1/64 motors I ordered directly from China (ebay) at about 2,2 Eur per piece (including 10 motordriver electronics - that I will not use for the hero 101).

They arrived and the shaft was obviously too short - I used some parts of a metal rod with about the same diameter as the shaft to connect to the ball bearing on the other side. The direction was also wrong so I swapped both pairs (pink / blue and yellow / orange and kept the red line untouched) - which fix the direction for me - only swapping pink/yellow did not work for my motors.
Now the home test executes fine and all three legs work (as far as I can tell)

So now the issue is that the test print is happening about 20cm above the glas platform.

I tried the M92 setting described here - but the 1086.8727 for all axis did not work (the motors do make a noise but they do not move) - I tried it with 180.123 (instead of 1086.8727) - M92 after the G28 (home) command - and the extruder went down (very very slowly) to nearly the glas plate.

Currently I am experimenting with G92 (resetting the current position and trying with  a G1 Z0 to go near the glass plate) - but I am not getting any good results.

Any tip what I could try ?
Thank you for any help!

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Re: Using 1/64 motors in the 101hero
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Tom, My 1:64 steppers are 1048.71 steps/mm.

If you have calipers, grab the 20x20 test cube from Thingverse (

Print it and measure then use this formula to adjust steps:

(current microstep) * 20 / (measured side) = New step count for side.

Here is an example:
(guessed value) x 20mm / (measured) = (new step count)
1000steps x 20mm / 19.07mm = 1048.77