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What accessories have you bought or do you intend to buy for your printer.

As I said in another thread, I bought an infrared thermometer.
I'm planning on gettgetting a heat gun and a scrapper as well

What about people here?
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Re: Accessories
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Tweezers are nice. Dental picks.

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Re: Accessories
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Tweezers? for the head I presume?

Dental picks as well for clearing the nozzel?

I picked up a few .3 and .4mm drill bits for that last week.

Re: Accessories
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Tweezers to grab blobs from the print head without burning your finger.

The little picks help with lots of little things. Separating layers, I'm thinking support layers.

Toothbrush for cleaning dust out of the extruder housing.
Canned air would also work for this purpose.

Digital calipers for measuring layers and extrusions and calibrations.

Putty knife can help separate print from glass.  Being careful not to break, of course.

Small files for finishing surfaces of prints.

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