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Re: Firmware
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i have attached both the configuration.h file i use and a picture of my ramps board to show where everything is plugged in.

if anyone wants to use the configuration.h file, please use it as a guide as the steps per mm and speed settings are much higher than the default steppers can handle as they are intended for the NEMA14 steppers i am using.
hope this can help anyone as i have confirmed its working quite well.

Re: Firmware
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Hi workshoptinkerers, nice upgrades.
I just received my printer, and I am planning to do the nema 14 mod, eu looked the file  configration.h, but I could not identified the modifications about to the step motors.
Another question, is about the extruder, for now I will stay with de original one. Did you change any parameters on configuration.h? because I wil try to use you mod file.

Re: Firmware
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Hey! How do i modify the original firmware on the 101hero?

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Re: Firmware
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Anyone try NEMA11 or NEMA8?

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Re: Firmware
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I hacked together a RAMPS mount for the bottom.

It is intended to be used with the NEMA14 (or NEMA17?) stepper motor mods.  Once the ribbon cables are added to the LCD board on the RAMPS, it makes it too tall.  To fix this, I added rubber feet to the stepper motor mounts.

Another part I modified from Trebobert  that will allow one to use another (cool) RAMPS enclosure and LCD screen - +

I did the Marlin firmware config from scratch (1.1.4) and having issues with the carriage tracking straight so going to try the config from WST.
The config from WST does not compile with the current version of Marlin.   What version is it for?
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