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Shaking and wobbling
Since i received 101hero and started printing i noticed a great deal of movement in the frame so i decided to make a few adjustments. I placed it on a thick cutting board and hot glued the whole thing, including the controller. I also reinforced the top of the printer with couple of wooden sticks on each side and the movement of the extruder is much more stable since.

Re: Shaking and wobbling
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Great idea, may do the same.


Re: Shaking and wobbling
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Some of the movement could be caused by bad linear bearings.  I had to replace mine because of inconsistent leveling and found that it cleared up a lot of the movement issues.

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Re: Shaking and wobbling
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I like the strut idea... so I printed some

Hope they work. :P

In case anyone wants to try it, here is the STL file.

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Re: Shaking and wobbling
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The Struts.stl was the best improvement I got with my 101!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Shaking and wobbling
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Looks like a good mod. Should definitely help with stability