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My Introduction
Hello All,
 My name is Todd (username:  applguy) and you can email via my username @! I backed the 101Hero pretty late in the game- but hopeful its arrival is right around the corner. I've Backed a few 3D Printers in the past and I'm a previous owner of a M3D Micro & a Ultimaker 1 kit. I used a Macbook tethered to the M3D and a PC tethered to the Ultimaker 1... but have since sold both.
 I hoping to use a Raspberry Pi tethered to the 101Hero... via Cura and Repetier Host. I'm also a Backer of the Reach 3D and a Backer for the NEW M3D Pro! I'm currently using a CowTech 3D Scanner to scan in objects and uploading objects to ThingiVerse. I have a thorough understanding of Unix and C++ as I'm currently an iOS Developer and I'm slowly getting on the Arduino Bandwagon with the Raspberry Pi3.
 If I can add anything or help someone out- that would be great! I hope to learn a lot from other users here!
Best Regards,

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Re: My Introduction
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Welcome along to the forum @applguy

Hope you find it useful.