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Printer stops frequently
So after endless trials I finnally got my HERO to work with the new filament and and print a file in a quality that is fairly reasonable for a toy. What works for me i 225 C at 107% flow. I tried lowering the temperature since it was recommended a few times but it just does not work.
The one thing I can't figure out is why does it suddenly stops. Sometimes at the beginning, sometimes in the middle and the most frustrating of all, couple of mm from the end. I thought it might be the time factor but it is not. I got it printing a block 95 mm high and it worked for 8 hours straight stopping just a few mm from the end.  :o

Any ideas?

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Re: Printer stops freequently
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Is there a chance your motors are overheating? 
The position of the motors could mean that the airflow is not particularly good. I'm not sure if the hero has a thermal safety for the motors though