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Simple filament spool stand...

i made a really simple filament spool stand for about €3.-

What i used was a thread rod M10/1m and bended it with my bench vice.
Just start with about 19cm and bend this in a right angle. Then again 19cm in a right angle and the same plane as the first bend.
Then again 19cm and again 90° but with an inclination of about 30° to the orthogonal plane of the base plane.
Then take about 19cm from the end of the rod and bend it with 90°.
Now put the stand on its base and fine tune the inclination of the spool arm (see image).

I used some cable bushings as feet and for the spool guidance.

The ultra simple version uses a piece of aluminium tube as a bearing.
For a bit more comfort, i printed a spool adapter which brings the inner diameter of the spool to the outer diameter of a ball bearing. The inner diameter of the ball bearing is 10mm an can directly put on the rod.

In the attachment you will find stl/gcode for the spool adapters (55mm for the Hatchbox 1kg spool, 53mm for the Case E 0,5kg spool. Bearings are 10mm x 26mm x 8mm).
The parts are made with FreeCAD and sliced with Cura.
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  • Tomcom05
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Re: Simple filament spool stand...
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So I have a fairly similar setup, just missing the bearings, but i have an issue when the extruder pulls on the spool. It causes the hero to move and messes up the build causing horrible layer misalignment.

Any ideas as to what i might have setup wrong?

  • Ken_A
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Re: Simple filament spool stand...
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I went lo-tech for mine.

Re: Simple filament spool stand...
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I went lo-tech for mine.

Looks just fine to me!

  • Admin
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Re: Simple filament spool stand...
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It doesn't have to be pretty, it just has to work... ;)

  • Ken_A
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Re: Simple filament spool stand...
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And mine works like a charm... the filament just feeds directly down to the print head. don't even touch the sides of the circle.
I also solved the wire scraping issue by taping it secure... It loops inside the build area and has plenty of slack for a full build.