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October 23, 2018 ...


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Underextrusion once again
I tried printing a 20mm test cube, which significantly deteriorated in the upper layers after a short amount of printing. It's a mess, basically. I tried again after placing a slice of cardboard behind the bearing in the filament feeding mechanism, which kind of sort of helped. I'm seeing so many successful prints on other people's machines, and I'm so close to that!  :'(  Any fixes you guys have done for this sort of problem?

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Re: Underextrusion once again
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I discreetly printed until today, but now I have the same problem, I made sure to increase the filament pressure on the knurled wheel, but nothing seems to have clogged the nozzle, now I'll try the last attempt, I remove the ' hotend and put it with acetone in the ultrasound machine, we hope functions.

Re: Underextrusion once again
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do you think that your nozzle is getting clogged? these hotends might be a bit sensitive to that. a bit of open cell foam on the filament before going into the hotend might go a long way to keeping dust getting in there.
This video helped me out in learning to clean out the nozzle itsself.

Re: Underextrusion once again
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Could be the nozzle. I'm still using the crap filament the printer came with... I'll check it out.