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Extruder gear detached

while my first prints worked out just fine I noticed no more extrusion a few hours ago. While I first assumed just a clogging issue I had to notice the gear(?) driving the filament detatched from the extrusion motor shaft. Has anyone else had this problem already or knows how it is supposed to be attached? I couldn't see any grub screws as I would expect but also nothing which indicates it was glued :-\. I think I'll just use some epoxy to glue it down and try again later, but still somewhat puzzeling how it worked in the first place...

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Re: Extruder gear detached
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When mine arrived the filament drive wheel was not attached to the shaft and just spun free.  I opened the extruder cover and roughed up the shaft of the motor with some grit paper.  Just enough to skuff it up a bit.  Using a drop of super glue on the motor shaft, being careful not to get it anywhere else, I reseated the drive wheel and it stuck quite well.  Haven't had an issue yet.  The drive wheel is supposed to be press fit onto the motor shaft and the tolerances in a Chinese factory are not what they should be.  Mine spun freely and at no point would it have fit tightly on the shaft.