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October 23, 2018 ...


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  • krilea
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I have a lot of problems related about extruder.

Do you know if there are another extruders compatibles and if is possible and "easy" to change it?

Thanks!! :)

  • Ken_A
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Re: Extruder
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I'm no expert, but any extruder should do... but no matter which one you replace with will probably need changes to the Printer firmware to make it work.

Re: Extruder
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I had the same problem. My big issue was that plastic was not being extruded, even though the motor worked.
(1) I took apart the extruder/hot end housing. I noticed the extruder gear was not hooked to the shaft, causing no filament to be extracted when the motor moved (the shaft rotated, but the gear stayed the same). Some people have had success supergluing the extruder gear to the shaft, but that seemed like a very temporary fix to me.
(2) I got a 5mm inner bore hole x 11mm x 11mm extruder gear and replaced the original "knurled wheel" gear.
(3) I took out the bearing that held the other end of the shaft and sanded down the enclosure for the bearing (the 11mm length of the extruder gear is a bit too long to re-assemble as is)
(4) I screwed everything back together (if it doesn't close, just look inside and sand a bit more)
So far, I've printed half a dozen parts. I would not say the prints are great, but they are decent (I had nothing printing before).

The only issue I see is that I have no support on the opposite side of the extruder shaft, but, it works.