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printing failing
I need help with fixing the prints, i'm using cura and the m3 painting tape. I've changed the pla filament.
the images are from 2 prints made at 14 mm, temperature of 210 and 20% infill, one is a round rook that i took from 101land,
the other one is a 2x2x2 cm cube.

I tried changing the speed, at 5 mm it seems to work, but it is too slow and i can only print with 100% infill.

It's my first 3d printer so i don't really know how to fix it. :/

Re: printing failing
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There is another guy here at the forum with nearly the same problems.
Maybe yourf filament hasn't enough grip and isn't transported properly. You can try to fasten the screws at the extruder flap or try to underlay something to the little draw roll...

Re: printing failing
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the stringing is because it is for sure too hot. try 180 or 190. it almost looks like its slipping in the hotend, make sure the screws are tight. seems like you are almost stripping them out. also make sure the knurled hob is tight on the steppers shaft, if cura can up the filament feed percentage, that looks like its under extruding by quite a lot.

if you can try some other filament, the included stuff seems to give everyone issues. once i switched to my normal brand a lot of the initial issues went away.

your pictures are to me combo of too hot and under extruding. with the possibility of not great filament.