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Repetier with slic3r
Good morning anyone tried to print with Repetier and slic3r?
Do you have any good settings?
Thank you all!

  • rfray
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Re: Repetier with slic3r
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I use Cura for slicing, and Repetier Host to control the print with the gcode file created by Cura.  I found that works well.  I had a problem using the slicer in Repetier in that it wanted to go outside the print volume of the 101hero and I thought it was going to break the arms of the printer.   You can control your settings easily in Cura - temp, layer height, print speed, fill %, and it gets embedded in the gcode file.  It also estimates how much filament you'll use and the printing time based on your settings.  Repetier is great as you can see the print head temp, see what layer is printed and how much printing time is left.  It even has a graphic showing you exactly what part of the current layer it's printing.  They're both free.

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Re: Repetier with slic3r
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Exactly what I do. Cura seems to produce the best gcode and Repetier Host produces the best prints.  Tried just using slice3r alone to produce the gcode, and it did not work as well as Cura for the 101Hero.  Just my experience. Maybe there is a better config file for 101Hero and slice3r out there, but I have not found it.

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Re: Repetier with slic3r
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Hi, I'm curious what speed you select for your printer, using Repetier?  I've attached the window on the Printer page that I'm asking about.  Should I set something other than 30 mm/min?