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October 23, 2018 ...


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Printer uncalibrates during print
I'm having trouble printing anything that looks like a model :)
I managed to print the "flat-star" test sample almost ok with a bit of calibration.
But when a print a simple model like a 1cm cube, the printer head slowly drifts on each layer and then I get melted plastic mess :(

Here is a test with the 101land model :
I get this :

I tried to put a huge fan below the printer to cool down the motors but it doesn't change anything :(
Any idea of what's going on ?

Re: Printer uncalibrates during print
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it looks like something is causing one of the steppers to miss, either the internal gear is broken or missing teeth. or it could be an external source as in the wires getting pulled, tension on the filament or something similar. did you watch the print. did you notice any stutters happening that seemed abnormal? id watch first to make sure the printhead wires are clear and not catching on anything as i had that issue myself, same with the filament.

Re: Printer uncalibrates during print
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Ok, the only thing I changed now is to use Cura 2.4 and the settings from dkgof (,180.0.html)
And now it works better and better after each print. I ran some cubes that got twisted a little but it seems ok now.

Maybe the motor needed a bit of time before getting to full precision ?

Re: Printer uncalibrates during print
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And now it's almost perfect  8)