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  • Errie
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An opinion
Hi to everybody,
I am a newbe to this forum and I just answer this post because I don't know exactly where anf how to put my message on this site
Since a few weeks I do have also the 101Hero Pylon 3D printer!
I was very much curious how this small unit would look like in reality, pictures are nice but...
To be honest I was very much surprised that I liked the printer from the moment I unpacked the box [ which was of very goos quality].
After assembling the unit, which was for me easy because I am a technical person and was also involved in introducing 3D printers to Primary Education in the light of improving the interest in technique. The 3D printer was an Ultimaker.
When I see all the messages on this site than there is one thing for sure : You are all unhappy and I do understand this. I am also unhappy that the printer does not do what is said or promised.
Knowing this, I can do 2 things : 1. I can get angry [ which I am a bit] or 2. I can try and find a solution to overcome the problem.
I made a decision to go for nr. 2 because I do like the printer, I do like the idea behind it and I dolike the cute little printer very, very much.
So, Why don't we start finding solutions rather than keep on complaining allthough I do understand it becaus I feel unhappy too.
I would like to ask everyone on this forum and having complaints/problems to  change the attitude and look for solutions.
Please, if you want to, send me all your queries and problems and I will try and find a solution for it You can also look into the solution yourselves by asking friends or people you know they know about 3D printing.
Let's find solutions so we can make this little unit successful rather than trying to kill it and make it available to the large public!!
Look forward to see your  [ positive] reactions .
Your companion to make this 101Hero printer successful.


Re: An opinion
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Wow Thanks Errie,
Thats pretty much a huge insult to everyone here.
There are two things wrong with this printer, the first one, which probably 70% of this forum is about fixing, is Quality Control, the printers people are receiving have issues right out of the gate. for the most part people here are either working on troubleshooting the issue (like we are doing here) or are trying to help point in the right direction on getting replacement parts as the 101hero team is less than stellar about replying to emails and addressing issues.

the other problem with this printer is its cheap. this is something we mostly knew when we ordered it, we jsut wernt expecting quite the low quality prints to be coming out. but hey its a RepRap, even if the makers dont say it. which means improvments, tinkering, and seeing what it can do is a huge part of the community in general. Here there are some of us who have improved the printer to the level that its prints just as well as 90% of all consumer 3d printers print, and at the same speeds. there are those of us who have written guides on how to do the same, those of us who have done videos on how to do the improvments. and most all of us are willing to answer questions.

Not sure what you are trying to do here, other than stir shit up.

Thanks from all of us you just insulted here.

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Re: An opinion
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@Errie i I have moved your post here as a separate thread.
I think your perception of this community is not very fair and I would suggest that you explore the threads further. 

The 101hero is obviously a very cheap printer but some of the problems people have experienced were extremely frustrating and as a result people have expressed their disappointment. I have not seen this being done in a gratuitous way and in my opinion the general response has been quite restrained, certainly more so then some of the other places that people have been leaving comments and complaints.

I have also experienced some abuse in private messages left through the contact form by people who erroneously believe that I am part of the 101hero project. 

The purpose of this forum is first and foremost to provide a place for people to discuss and trouble shoot the hero. There is now a lot of information on it to help people getthe most from their printers and that is satisfactory a result of people posting their problems and others doing their best to help out.

I hope you continue to use the foum and help others members if you so wish, I would ask however that you recognise that it is only by sharing the bad as well as the good that people will be able to get the most from their 101hero machines.

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Re: An opinion
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Is there a dislike button? I never wanted to use one until now.