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  • EricHier
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Re: Printing problem
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On my printer, I also found the problem:
The thread between the stepper and the belt moves on the axle, so that in quick movements, there is an offset. I will have to fix this, but for now, a lower movement speed helped. The prints are now straight upwards. 👌

I hope you can understand what I mean. :)

Re: Printing problem
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i believe you are saying that the toothed gear on the stepper shaft is moving. there should be two grub screws on the gear that you can tighten down with a hex wrench.
 if you mean the belt is skipping on the gear  try printing the tower tensioner for the 101hero
this will let you remove the spring tension and have less chance of skipping.

  • 101nico
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Re: Printing problem
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Hey guys, I know the problem, because I had the same in my first week with my 101hero. The Problem were the metal spears (guide rails) that hold the extrude. I used WD40 to make it more smooth and it works fine since this little change.
Maybe you can try this small test.

best wishes...