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Extruder dragging on print bed
So I am waaayyyyy new to 3D printing, and I'm super proud that I was actually even able to build this thing and figure out how to use it (I was expecting a tiko  ::)  ) Anyways, I think I need to somehow calibrate my printer or something because the extruder head always drags across the print bed, tearing whatever type of tape I have on it. I already tried 2090 blue painters tape, and I'm pretty much convinced it's just tearing it off by force. Any suggestions?
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Re: Extruder dragging on print bed
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You'll see a small hex head screw at the top of each Pylon carriage. They let the printer know where the carriage is when they home. Try adjusting them until the printer is calibrated. You should find a thread on calibration on the forum here, including some code to help you check each Pylon height.