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What problems has your hero had

  • Motors
    26 (42.6%)
  • Power supply
    3 (4.9%)
  • SD card reader
    5 (8.2%)
  • Controller
    5 (8.2%)
  • Bearings and/or guides
    7 (11.5%)
  • Other
    14 (23%)
  • No problems
    1 (1.6%)

Total Members Voted: 44

Voting closed: 09 Jan, 2017, 13:37:37 PM

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  • Bohemian
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Re: What problems have you experienced
Reply #15
I just switched out the SD card to a 16gb card, and formatted it.

No dice.

I powered down the machine and tried to manually move the stepper motors, two are very hard to turn and one is super loosey goosey.

The two firm ones don't move at all when pressure is applied while power is on, but the loose one remains loose, and freely moves up and down the pylon. Will 1 dead motor cause the whole machine to malfunction?

Re: What problems have you experienced
Reply #16
I have problem with extruder heating. 101Hero don't start print, because extruder heated only till 81 Degrees, not more

Re: What problems have you experienced
Reply #17
After reading from this user group my unit "functions", in that i can run the motors and move the hotend to "home" via the sd card.
I can also connect via the usb port and attempt prints. My main problem seems to be my "A pylon & stepper". When I physically position that motor, it feels stripped. It moves up and down without any resistance.

And half way through attempted prints, the hot end will move all the way back to the printbed, grind through what's there and then move to another part of the printbed and continue printing. I have yet to get a completed print. And like others I've used the adjustment screws, I just haven't stripped them yet.

Any suggestions for replacement parts or configurations would be welcome.
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Re: What problems have you experienced
Reply #18
@strangedaze  Have a look HERE to find an idea for replacing the dodgy motor.

As to the weird action of the extruder head, someone else may have an idea.