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  • itomailg
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If a put more of 220 c. Not work

I need work with ABS, I need 230 C.

Can I do anything?


  • itomailg
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Re: temperature
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of what power is the Cartridge resistance?

i need more temperature.

Can i put one cartridge resistance or more power?


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Re: temperature
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Several people have modded the hot end to an E3d type hot end with a Bowden drive. You could get the higher temperature with that and a higher amperage psu.
@workshoptinkerers has worked on it AFAIK

  • itomailg
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Re: temperature
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i work in a factory of resistances.

The Tuesday I will go to work.

I will look the ohms of the resistance, to know the power it have. If the power is 40w:

v * v / w = ohms

12 * 12 / 40 = 3.6 ohms

  • rcojoe
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Re: temperature
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"With less resistance,  comes more power"  That should be a starwars quote. 

The hotend element doesn't have enough resistance to generate the heat at 12 volts to get it up to your desired temperature.  Besides the power supply amperage being inadequate to upgrade the hot end to 40w,  I heard it was 16 watt in another post. You may be better off increasing the voltage by 20-30 percent or so to get better heating of the hotend if that is all you are looking for.  try putting 15 volts -16 volts in the controller and see if it will heat to your desired temperature.