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my printer wont heat up propperly
hi i really hope you can help me i received my 3d printer as a Christmas present and got some very decent prints out of it but i didn't use it for a couple days and when i did the charger wasn't working easy fix i grabbed another 12v 3a charger out but then i tried printing something it refused to work so i did the motor test print and that was fine it worked but as soon as the print involved the extruder heating u it didnt start. i was doing all of this of my sd card so i decided to tether it so i could see what was going on and the print started it was heating up it got to 100c really good speed and then started slowing down i watched it with a close eye and 30 minutes later it had only got to 170c and then it started going backward and in the end got back to 28c pleas help as i really enjoyed using this any advise is welcome. thank you

Re: my printer wont heat up propperly
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i fixed it! i changed the power lead to a 12v 6amp