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Topic: help getting my 101 hero going? (Read 660 times) previous topic - next topic

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help getting my 101 hero going?
My here does not seem to work, can you guys help me troubleshoot it?
- I've read all \I could about it before trying assemplying it.
I was super careful with motors, I assembled machine but not the rods.
tried 2 different 2gb -not hc sd- cards to fat 32, tried quick format and regular, renamed motor test to 101hero no extension, but nothing.
fan on extruder is on, red led on control is on, but nothing happens. pressed the button, nothing.
tried same with test file, nothing. and extruder does not seem to heat up.

any ideas?

  • fedplast
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Re: help getting my 101 hero going?
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finally got this thing to start!
for those who might have the  same issue as myself:
1-The 7z files need to be extracted. download 7z or another unzip program and extract the file you need from within. that extracted file is the one that needs to be called 101hero without extension.
2- my card reader is faulty. I need to clamp it in place to get it to work, as there must be a loose contact there.
3-even tho there is no light or sound to let you know that the printer is warming up and getting ready to print, you can actually tell by the sound of the fan. this is due to the drop in power to the fan that happens when the extruder is warming up. of course, you can also carefully touch the extruder, as it gets very hot pretty quickly.
4-the filament that came with the printer gave me really terrible prints. \i'm still getting weird prints with a different one, but at least it's usable: the 1 that came with machine (at least the white one) is bad. maybe because it was poorly protected from humidity.

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Re: help getting my 101 hero going?
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Did you try using some RS232 tool like Accessport it can read some message form the 101hero.
1.First, make sure the driver already install (
2.Link the 101hero with your PC by USB cable.
3.Check the 101Hero is on which port. (ex: On my PC is com port 8 , yours maybe some others, it depend on your PC system).
4. Launch the Accessport, Setting the "com port" and define the baud rate to 115200. start the link.
5. Power on your 101Hero, before that, remove the 101Hero's card reader. try the button. and see what message you get.

For me. I got information,
: Extruder switched off. MINTEMP triggered !
Error:Printer stopped due to errors. Fix the error and use M999 to restart. (Temperature is reset. Set it after restarting)
Error:volume.init failed.

It look like my 101Hero's temperature control  is losing function. I also have no idea how to fix that. :'(

Re: help getting my 101 hero going?
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i had the same problem my =n turned all down to the power supply right now im running 12v 6a