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November 13, 2018 ...


  • .stl, .gcode and .123dx files can now be uploaded as attatchments

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Forum is closed
The forum here is now closed to new members.

I have set up an alternative 3d printing/maker forum called Make'N Hack .com which is now open for registration.

Any previously active member from here are welcome to register and may even get a custom rank.......... 8)

No content, contact details or registration information from 101User is being transferred to the new site or to any other entity and users can continue to post here for the foreseeable future, although this is probably not worthwhile as there has been minimal traffic for a substantial amount of time here.
You can also request that your contact details and User name are removed from the site, just use the contact form on site or send me a PM from your account.

Finally, I do not intend on sending out any further group notifications from the site unless absolutely necessary so I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for you visits to the forum.

Best Wishes,

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