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Topic: For Those Who Got the 3D Pen... (Read 686 times) previous topic - next topic

  • RCole
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For Those Who Got the 3D Pen...
I ran across this while looking for something else. Does this look familiar?

Amazon Pen

Re: For Those Who Got the 3D Pen...
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Nah, the buttons are totally different.

Fortunately the pen is very easy to disassemble, it jammed on me very easily.

  • futile
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Re: For Those Who Got the 3D Pen...
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Correct, it's the yaya pen

  • RCole
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Re: For Those Who Got the 3D Pen...
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Yes, futile, that is the correct pen. I searched for YaYa 3D but didn't find that. You, obviously, did better.

After reading that description, I thought, "the description says ABS plastic. I have some of that - I'll give it a try."

I have some Army Green ABS courtesy of one 3D Geek Box that I got. And I am amazed... The pen works very well with ABS. PLA was a problem because it came out hot enough that I couldn't do a vertical loop (up, over and back down) - it just collapsed because the plastic was too hot - even with a fan blowing across the work surface. But with ABS - no problem - even without the fan. Almost no oozing, either.

Only con I have is that after about 2 minutes of continuous extrusion, it stops. Give it about 15 seconds to come back up to heat and it works well again.

Re: For Those Who Got the 3D Pen...
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I think it might get a bit too hot in there, and the heat can creep up into the extruder motor. I had some filament get stuck in there, had to dismantle it (fortunately not too hard).